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My Husband, Dave Stelling and I started showing Golden Retrievers about 32yrs ago and have had a great deal of success, with 3 Show Champions, many Junior Warrants and countless placings in the Show Ring.

Polo ( Stvincent Royal Mint JW) got 3 First Places at Crufts in 2012 and is one of our Show Champions, 

His daughter Poppy ( Poppygold Fire Opal with Stvincent JW) is one of the others.

Having bred Goldens for over 30yrs we try to produce healthy, happy well balanced puppies with temperament being the most important.

All our breeding dogs are health screened and KC Registered.

After coming to Little Clacton Village in 2007 Dave started picking up on local shoots until 2018 when the last shoot folded.

    Dave took up the working side of the dog world with some success which enabled us to say that we breed dual purpose goldens.

     Bedeslea Canny Lad with Stvincent.(Canny) has won three trophies in working tests.

Polo and Harry were the last to go picking up with Dave on a local shoot. 

At the moment we have 4 Goldens and a Cocker Spaniel.

With Polo, Poppy and Harry we have Bridie (Messano Remember me for Stvincent) mother of our present litter and Seth (Penbridge Play Fast and Loose for Stvincent) who is the father



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